More Quotes for the Fundraising Guarantee

In our previous post on the Fundraising Guarantee, we included quotes from some of the charities that had already signed up.

In this weeks post, you can read some more and find out why they’ve chosen to sign up.

Sign up for the Fundraising Guarantee here.

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire (SC034447)

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire is proud to be one of the first in Scotland to sign up to the Fundraising Guarantee.  We were looking for something that would convey that not only are our fundraising activities correctly run but that we would respect and value the donations so kindly given.  The Fundraising Guarantee values of being legal and respectful, but also honest and open appealed to us.

As a local charity, we rely on donations to help our work in supporting those carers that look after family and friends.  We work in the local community so it is important to us that we are honest and respectful in all aspects of our work but especially in how we raise and use donations.  We believe the Fundraising Guarantee will help give a clear indication to our supporters that we not only appreciate their donations but that we also hold in high regard the confidence and trust that donors have placed in us.

Ayrshire Hospice (SC011390)

We are delighted to sign up to the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel Fundraising Guarantee.  As an independent hospice, over two thirds of our income comes from voluntary donations including Gifts in Wills and every penny counts.  We value all that our supporters and donors do for the hospice and it is important to us that they know and trust our fundraising is of the highest standard: that we will listen to their feedback, respond to and action any complaints and that we adhere closely to the fundraising code of practice to be legal, open, honest and respectful.

Epilepsy Scotland (SC000067)

We rely on the hard work and generosity of our supporters to provide our lifeline services, without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  Epilepsy Scotland signed up to the Fundraising Guarantee to show our supporters that we value all of their support, time, energy and donations and to respect that we will be transparent and compliant to the standards set out for us.